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I didn`t need my ovaries anyway&#8230;.



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I didn`t need my ovaries anyway….


Emily Bett Rickards about 2x07 Olicity scene

That wasn’t in the script?!!! FUCK I’M DEAD.

stemily + swearing

"Hey Stephen, I know looks can be deceiving but I know I saw a light on you. As we walked, we were talking and I didn't say half the things I wanted to..."

Leslie Shay is on the case.

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Here it is! As promised. This is part 2/2. If you haven’t seen/ read part 1: CLICK HERE.

Olicity AU: Fight it Felicity. “Now you listen here Oliver Queen.” she grabbed his wrist but he moved too fast and her hand slipped. Boy, he couldn’t wait. “Helloooo. I like this dress!” Felicity complained, following right behind him. Oliver suddenly stopped and Felicity moved in front of him. He took a few steps. “I like it too” he said quietly…. He better. It sure as hell wasn’t cheap. “good.”

Just when Felicity thought they reached an understanding„„”I’d like it even better on the floor”. Felicity didn’t have to see his face to know it was being graced with one of his infamous smirks. But she’d be damned if she was going to let him rip dress #6. So she knew exactly how to wipe that beautiful smirk off his face. After all, she is a genius. 

SIDE NOTE: haha sorry but I love her sass! Let me know what you guys think and if you think I should make more of these “GiFics” :)


SIDE NOTE: Click here for part 2. ;) 

Olicity AU (Alternate Universe): He traced the length of her legs as she inched closer and closer to his desk. ”Are we alone?” he said in his husky voice. Felicity knew what he wanted and she wasn’t going to let him have it tonight. Felicity had to learn the hard way that Oliver prefers ripping her out of her dresses instead of using the zipper like a normal person.

She was determined to stand her ground… but so was he. His eyes said it all. He wanted her badly. He ignored her “this is a brand new dress” comment. She knew he was going to. “So we’re not alone?” Oliver re-buttoned his suit and stood up. His favorite place was his office. “Meet me in the elevator in 5 mins” Oliver whispered in her ear. Oh, but the elevator was her favorite. Fight it Felicity. Think about your pretty dress. 


Olicity AU: Oliver is distracted during a business meeting and Isabel confirms her suspicions. 
Oliver: “uh, so what were you saying again?”


Olicity AU: “Oh, that’s right….I kind of forgot to tell you I called to invite Felicity tonight.” Thea confessed. “You invited Felicity… to our annual Christmas party… she’s jewish.” Oliver felt himself getting angry. He could only imagine how awkward it must have been for Felicity to receive a call like that. “Well she showed up anyway…. hmm I wonder why?” Thea smirked and Oliver’s expression changed.

"Let’s go Ollie, you don’t want to keep your woman waiting." Thea winked and took a few steps in front of Oliver and then stopped to a halt. "Oliver, wait. Actually, let’s ditch this party. It’s totally lame anyway." Thea said quickly. Something was wrong. She called him Oliver. Oliver peaked into the dining room and it was the first thing that caught his eye. 


i want established olicity and felicity being mad at oliver but then they kiss and make up or something lol
Felicity was beyond embarrassed. Being kicked out of one of your favorite restaurants in front of everybody watching was humiliating and it was all because of one person…. Oliver Queen. “If you’re looking for a real man to spend your nights with…” those were the last words her waiter said before Oliver’s fist found its way to the guy’s nose. Sure, the waiter was a pig but there were other ways Oliver could have handled the situation better. 
Now here they were. Alone. Waiting for Diggle and Lyla to complete one of their A.R.G.U.S missions and Felicity was giving Oliver the silent treatment. She was angry but man, Oliver loved it when she was angry. “So… we have 30 mins before they come back” he knew he was taking a risk. “I’m still mad at you.” Of course she was. It wouldn’t be Felicity to let it go so easily. ”i’m not apologizing. He deserved it.” Oliver stood by his words. ‘Well, I’m not talking to you until you apologize.”  
"How about I show you…how sorry I am…" Felicity’s head turned to face Oliver, eyes wide. Oliver leaned across, smirk gracing his face. "Hey! I know that look! I’m still m-" and he shut her up with his lips. She didn’t stop him. She didn’t want him to stop. but she promised herself to give him an earful when they got home…. and she did…. but Oliver apologized… again ;)
SIDE NOTE: Ok I know I said I wasn’t going to be making any more gifics until AFTER my finals but this prompt has been in my ask box for almost 3 and 1/2 weeks now so I’m sorry for making you wait so long and I hope you like it! Let me know what you guys think!! ;)